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Winning with SIG Services

SIG Services are an integral part of our system offering.

The challenges of the food and beverage industry

If you work in the food or beverage industry, you’ve probably tackled and faced challenges like:

Maximizing productivity

Are your tools designed to improve production output and increase performance at the lowest filling cost (TFC)?

Unexpected downtimes

Do you have everything in place to ensure reliable machine operations and maximum uptime?

Ensuring quality

Are your produced packs traceable so that quality standards can be upheld throughout your entire production line?

But what if there was a way to ensure your filling operations ran smoothly and efficiently?

At SIG, we combine our industry knowledge with state-of-the-art technology to address key issues in the food and beverage sectors. With over 60 locations serving 70+ countries worldwide, our service offerings can help optimize your plant operations for better.

Facts & figures


locations around the world & >70 countries covered


packs filled/year

Several thousand

fillers in field


service employees

Service offerings at SIG

  • At SIG, we provide superior system quality, performance & cost through leading service solutions. 
  • We believe that trust is key in cooperation with our customers. 
  • We support our customers before, during, and long after they choose to work with us. 
  • We offer basics such as maintenance, spare parts, and technical support up to our value-added service solutions. 
  • Together these offerings are designed to improve overall plant operations, machine availability, optimize performance, and help manufacturers embrace digitalization. 

Keep things running with SIG Technical Services

Smarter operations with SIG Digital Solutions

SIG Services can help

SIG is a global leader in the packaging market, and part of what sets us apart is our service offerings. We provide superior system quality, performance, and cost through our service solutions and are working closely with our customers to create solutions that enable achievement of desired results in the most efficient way.


To deliver superior service solutions, trust is key. Therefore, we engage in a close relationship  with all of our customers over the full asset life cycle. Our services are designed to improve operations, make sure your machinery is always working and available to use, and optimize performance.      


We offer our clients customized solutions and combine different elements from our portfolio to address long-term service needs:

Our SIG Technical Services support your assets throughout the lifecycle of your plant, from planning and commissioning the right equipment to meet your needs to optimizing plant operations and maintaining machinery. Our Technical Services work in tandem with our Digital Solutions, enabling your assets to perform optimally.


Our SIG Digital Solutions give users insights on data, help track performance, provide transparency on the productivity of your filling line, predict unforeseen challenges, benchmark with others, and improve efficiency overall. Our award-winning digital interfaces and web-based platforms mean you can monitor performance and collaborate with us anytime.